Trade Snapshot Bot

TradeSnapshotBot is a Telegram bot designed to quickly and easily generate trade snapshots. Simply enter the coin name, entry price, target price, and referral number to create a snapshot of your trade. You can also include optional information such as brand name. Our user-friendly bot requires no technical knowledge to use.


  1. /updatepro: Premium Offers, Special Deals
  2. /generatenew: Create Snapshot
  3. /updatereferral: Manage Referral Number
  4. /updatebrand: Store/Update Brand Name
  5. /help: List of Available Commands
  6. /continuegenerate: Resume Snapshot Generation
  7. /lastnewentry: Add New Entry
  8. /lastnewtarget: Add New Target
  9. /stepback: Undo Last Action
  10. /skip: Skip Optional Information
  11. /cancel: Cancel Snapshot Creation

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